Why Sigmund Freud is Wrong about the Ego, Super Ego, and the Id.

According to Freud the unconscious mind is controlled by the ego that is developed by the id in infancy to satisfy our pleasure feelings. As we grow from childhood to adulthood our feelings of pleasure are satisfied by the superego.

My theory is that the human mind has three instincts that we are all born with and the strength of these instincts are either magnified by the environment we are raised up in  or they are not taught to be controlled because of the environment that we grow up in.

The three instincts; the Will to Survive, the Pleasure Instinct, and the Herding Instinct.

Throughout the history of the human race, we have made laws based on controlling or satisfying the power or strength of these instincts in people. For example, since the pleasure instinct controls sexual behavior, personal laziness, drug addiction and bad eating habits, we have made many laws to protect children from the power of the pleasure instinct that can cause adults to sexually harm children. Probably most of our laws were made to protect us from the too strong pleasure instinct in individuals. An example of a law we made to satisfy our herding instinct is the freedom to join any type of religious affiliation you may want to belong to. Our herding instinct is satisfied in many modern ways such as following your favorite sports team. A law that was made to satisfy our will to survive is thou shall not steal from another. The reason that satisfies our will to survive is that it gives one the peace of mind that what you have accumulated to sustain your life is safe.

In later blogs I will discuss more of the logic behind this theory.

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