God’s greatest blessing is giving humans a mind that is controlled by their instincts.

It is a fact that only in humans did God give the ability to fabricate laws and the ability to write them down. Below are just some of the kinds of laws that were created by God or if you don’t believe in God by men in order create order from a chaotic world. What I want to prove is that God gave all the animals in the animal kingdom these same three instincts but He only gave man the ability to control the strong instincts of the human mind through the written laws and by creating religions to teach these laws to the children. People with a low amount of herding instinct generally do not believe in God and do not have children.

It is people with too strong an instinct of the will to survive that laws were made by religious leaders, royalty leaders and eventually by democratic rulers to control people from stealing, murdering and being too greedy. (another example of a law to control this instinct is a law to arrest tax cheats.)

When it is the pleasure instinct that rules the mind or was too strong in some people, religious leaders royalty leaders and eventually democratic rulers made laws protecting women and children from rape and pedophilia.

People that have too strong a herding instinct are most dangerous. They can be manipulated into suicide bombers or turned into an army that tries to overthrow the government. Naturally we have made laws to protect us from people that go to extreme behavior in following their group. Once we all agree on the theory that the same three instincts are in all of us. We can build the Philosophy of Inclusion.