Instincts control our minds. Sometimes without our permission.

The following are examples of some laws that were written to control our natural instincts.

For an example of our Pleasure Instinct; Nearly 100% of the world’s population has the instinct to want to have sex. We have made many different types of laws to protect those that do not want to or are too young to participate in sex. Without going into further detail, suffice it to say that when the parts of the pleasure instinct control your mind you may notice it more.

An example of our Will to Survive Instinct; You vote for politicians that don’t believe in raising taxes to increase welfare benefits. Your strong survival instinct is controlling your mind to protect your nest egg from higher taxes. A mentally pleasing part of your thought processes is to be selfish.

Example Herding Instinct law; The law that allows you to be part of any group that does not harm yourself or others.

Why do instincts control our minds?

What are these three instincts?

The three instincts are;
1. The Will to Survive
2. The Pleasure Instinct
3. The Herding Instinct

Since the beginning of time many basic laws were conceived to reign in people with too large of an instinct to survive. Laws were made like thou shall not steal and thou shall not murder. In some cases people with a too strong of a will to survive instinct caused them to be greedy and steal or murder. Many more laws were and are still being made to protect less strong willed people from the harm that too strong willed people would do without these laws to stop them.

There were and are many laws made to protect people from those that are controlled by their pleasure instinct unconscious mind. There are laws that try to protect people from rapist and pedophilias, alcoholics and drug addicts, and all sorts of con artists. Those are just some of the types of laws that had to be invented to try and control people that are blindly led by their pleasure instinct.

There are laws that were made to control people with too strong a herding instinct in their unconscious mind. Laws like you cannot act violently against other people that are not of your religious belief. You cannot harm someone if he is not in your gang, or is of a different race, or even a fan of an opposing sports team. It is important to realize that this instinct is powerful in that it can cause people not to think rationally about whom and what they believe in when following an evil person or organization. Some people can be lead into some pretty damaging acts of violence or be made to follow some antiquated rules.

Why is it important to have all three instincts in your body?

All three instincts provide pleasure to your mind. In order for one to have a feeling of normalcy one should be aware of what instinct or emotion that is stimulating you most when you make a decision. It is only problematic to society when a person becomes overwhelmed with one instinct and does not use his other instincts.

The people with a stronger Will to Survive Instinct than the other instincts are usually leaders, and in modern times a strong will to survive people are the hard workers who typically earn a lot of money in order to live with a contented mind. When they become obsessed with their own Will to Survive they can and will step on others and break laws to get their way.

The people with a stronger Pleasure Instinct than the other instincts are usually people with problems. Their unconscious minds are controlled more by thoughts of doing the things that give them the most pleasure. People that have problems with drug and alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, sex addictions, welfare addiction, overeating and laziness are the people usually guided in their minds by their strongest instinct the pleasure instinct. People with a stronger pleasure instinct tend to be less successful and have problems with addiction habits.

The people with a stronger Herding Instinct like to be a part of a group. They have such a strong herding instinct that they sometimes act in negative ways. Sometimes people with too strong of the herding instinct prevents them from being open minded and unable to accept new ideas and won’t change what they believe in. Sometimes this is to the detriment of society due to the inability to compromise or change their way of thinking to allow other people to let live. They can be very successful economically or not.