Instincts control our minds. Sometimes without our permission.

The following are examples of some laws that were written to control our natural instincts.

For an example of our Pleasure Instinct; Nearly 100% of the world’s population has the instinct to want to have sex. We have made many different types of laws to protect those that do not want to or are too young to participate in sex. Without going into further detail, suffice it to say that when the parts of the pleasure instinct control your mind you may notice it more.

An example of our Will to Survive Instinct; You vote for politicians that don’t believe in raising taxes to increase welfare benefits. Your strong survival instinct is controlling your mind to protect your nest egg from higher taxes. A mentally pleasing part of your thought processes is to be selfish.

Example Herding Instinct law; The law that allows you to be part of any group that does not harm yourself or others.

One thought on “Instincts control our minds. Sometimes without our permission.

  1. Why they do is because it stimulates peace of mind. Following an instinctual urge gives a person satisfaction and often a great deal of pleasure. Example 1.; A fireman rescuing a person. His strongest motivation at the time of the rescue is to be a good member of his unit. His Herding instinct that wants him to be part of the rescue unit overwhelms him and it overcomes his will to survive. Example 2.; A con man scamming an elderly person. He is allowing his Pleasure Instinct to justify to himself that he needs it more and he does not care what he is doing to another.person. Example 3.; A woman works three jobs to feed her family. She does this not only because she loves her family but also because she has a very strong Will to Survive. She gets more satisfaction from having money in the bank than she does spending time with her family. A strong indicator of having a large Will to Survive.


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