What is the Philosophy of Inclusion?

Simply answered. It is the thought process that concludes, since everyone is born with these same three instincts in them, they can be governed by one universal set of laws. administered by one democratic government that includes a bill of rights for all people. It will explain to the masses that following one leader of a sect to an extreme is an illogical reaction. (A true leader would never recommend you kill yourself.)  This leads me to the logical conclusion that leaders can excite groups of people to be so pleased  with being part of the group that they will commit heinous actions to be part of the group. This instinct that can override the other two is called The Herding Instinct.

The acceptance of the three natural instincts theory by the masses could lead to the Age of Inclusion where there are no more wars between nations. Unfortunately there will always be those with an out of control instinct forcing the need for us (humans) to always have militaries and police forces.
Examples of people who are out of control of their pleasure instinct; A rapist or a person on drugs that is not functioning in our society.
Examples of people who are out of control with their will to survive instinct; a con man, a thief and in some cases a murderer.
Examples of people who are out of control of their herding instinct; a terrorist bomber, a sports fan that attacks another fan.

Why were laws created to control our three natural instincts?

When we make important decisions our subconscious mind has three powerful instincts that cause us to feel good or happy in that moment. The three natural instincts can cause men and women to steal in order to placate their will to survive instinct, the pleasure instinct can cause men and women to lose control of their sex drive and rape another person, and the herding instinct can cause people to lose control of their mind and harm people of differing faiths.

Therefore we can conclude that all laws that we humans have written down and codified are meant to stop people from hurting another member of the world community.

The Philosophy of Inclusion

My reason for starting this blog is to create the Age of Inclusion. What that means is that if we could educate people all over the world to understand that we all have the same three instincts controlling our actions, then we can all have the same laws to control these actions. We could one day unite the world into one giant community.

We have to remember that the world will always need police and militaries. Why? There will always be people that cannot control one of these instincts and harm others. Some examples are sociopaths that are truly mentally incapacitated either by too strong a pleasure instinct or a distorted will to survive.