He was a Nervous Man

He paced the room looking at his wife who suddenly looked old to him. In fact, he felt like beating her with a stick. He knew he wasn’t the type to beat his wife, he was more the throwing up kind of man. That didn’t make him a weaker  person, or did it? Focus, he told himself. He had read all the books about not worrying about the future and to stay in the present, but he could not still his mind. Once again his mind raced off to a few more predictions of how the meeting with his lawyer, his accountant and the government tax agent will turn out All he could think of was financial doom and that the government would somehow find a way to financially ruin him.

Nervous minds like the one briefly described in the paragraph above, occur in people all over the world. Usually they are produced by people who are more concerned about their own lives and they continuously worry about the future. That would make them a person with a high degree of the Will to Survive Instinct. They are so worried about their own existence that they can’t think of anyone else. It might help  him to think that his mind was being controlled by his large Will to Survive instinct and that he should try to be more giving and charitable. (I am not saying this would be easy but we have to start somewhere.) By acknowledging to your conscious mind what instinct is motivating your actions and feelings in the moment  we should be able to hold back bad decisions.
For a more detailed explanation of what these instincts control and how we can try to harness our minds for the betterment of the human race. go to my wordpress.blog http://www.ThePhilosophyofInclusion.com

Why should we not listen to Louis Farrakhan?

We should never follow someone who uses his platform to divide the human race. He claims that the Jews in Hollywood use their platform to promote the LBGT agenda. And that white people in general hate people that do not look or believe like they believe.

First let me dispute the former charge. Most of the world has come to accept that people can have different sexual inclinations. The one issue that is in unanimous agreement is that children should always be protected. They should be left free to find their own sexualty and have that choice be accepted by all.
On the latter charge white people overwhelmingly have shown that they accept people of different colors and religious beliefs.
The people of the modern connected world will one day never listen to someone who preaches hatred of one group or another based on their beliefs or appearance. To read more go to my web site http://www.thephilosophyofinclusion.com