An example of how the Three Natural Instincts control your actions.

“Near the end of my time at the Compound of Daveed, the leader David Daveed was always yelling at me.  He was so foreboding. Even though some of the other men were taller than him, they often remarked how they felt he physically towered over them, when in fact he did not. His voice was strong, and it was that forceful intimidating voice that seemed to give him power.  When he wasn’t yelling at us, he was very witty and charming. He was able to talk in voices of various accents. For instance when he told stories about his civil war ancestors he would talk in a deep southern accent. Then he would switch to a British accent as he talked about his even earlier ancestors who had come to America from England. It was always fascinating to see him work an audience. It was like he put everyone in a hypnotic state so intense that his listeners were ready to follow him through the gates of hell.”

Julie Paten began to shake. Her mind was still fragile. It had been barely a month since her escape. She vividly remembered how she had hidden in the trunk of a car that had gone into town for supplies. That she had overcome her claustrophobia in order to escape was a tribute to how strong her hatred was for the way she had been treated. For the past six months she had been passed around sexually like a prized piece of meat. It was done solely at the discretion of David Daveed. It was that way with all the women. They were treated like rewards for the men of the compound. She was so thankful that she had accidentally read what the philosopher/psychiatrist Justin E. Henry had written, and his writings had explained why she had allowed herself to join the misguided band of David Daveed followers. And it had given her the strength and inspiration to escape.

Her widely shown press conference where she explained the influence of Dr. Henry’s writing that had helped give her the courage to escape was one of the reasons Dr. Henry had accepted her as a new patient. These days with the success of his natural instincts theory, he did not have the time to add new patients.

Justin E. Henry, M.D. sat next to her listening intently to her story of the escape. He did not want his patient to slip back into the deep depression that she had when he first started treating her. He broke her train of thought.

“Julie you must continually remember to stay in the present,” Justin said.

Suddenly she let out a scream so shrill that it rattled the walls of his small consultation room.

He quickly leaned over toward the couch she was laying on, almost afraid to touch her for fear she might attack him. Softly he said, “No one can change the past; you must accept what happened and move forward.”

After awhile she stopped shaking and looked at him, “I am so ashamed of how I acted. I can’t forgive myself. I wish I was Catholic so that I could just ask Jesus to forgive me. Maybe if I had been raised Catholic, I would have never been in that hell in the first place.”

Justin said, “Religion can offer you that comfort if you are a true believer. It is certainly a viable alternative and a good reason for the existence of it. But no matter how faithful you are there are times in a person’s life when your natural instincts are so strong that they can sometimes override your moral upbringing. Those instincts produce hormones in your brain that give you pleasurable feelings that can overtake you. And  when they do, even the most religious people fail. There are many examples of even the most religious beings being overcome by their natural instinct of the sex drive or pleasure instinct as I have named it.”

Julie nodded her head. She understood that he was talking about Catholic Priests who had misused their status to abuse young people in their church.

Justin continued, “Forgiveness of one’s past misdeeds is a main healing part of nearly every religion and it should be a part of a non-believers’ as well.”

Julie Paten looked at the handsome mustached Doctor and said, “My parents weren’t into religion and never pushed me toward it. I guess I don’t want to start now. ”

Justin knew that getting her to ask God for forgiveness was not an option at this time. Later he thought he would be able to introduce her into his Moral Therapeutic Deism group. But for now he pushed on with his new philosophy, “We are all controlled by our natural instincts. The logical rules of man mostly gleaned from our religious histories helps us keep from letting our natural urges totally consume us.  And sometimes in peoples’ lifetimes when Mother Nature instructs us to act in a certain way, we do exactly what our instincts tell us. We lose control of our actions. That was the case when you went to that compound. You were sexually attracted to David and the instinct I call the pleasure instinct was controlling your mind. Also what I arbitrarily number as the third instinct called the herd/family instinct was adding to your pleasure instinct convincing your mind that being a part of that group was good and comforting. Finally after you felt you were being harmed by the situation you were able to follow your other natural instinct I call the will to survive and you found the strength to escape.”

She seemed to calm down as she thought over his philosophy and said, “Your assessment of the situation seems too simple. What makes you think those ideas are correct?”

Justin hated that question. He never liked the answer he gave. He looked at the pretty twenty-eight years old brown eyed brunette, once again thinking how lucky she was to have escaped from the mind controlling evil cult leader David Daveed.

Justin narrowed his thick eyebrows and gave his standard answer. “I was blessed with a logical mind. I have studied philosophy and psychiatry all my life and these are the best answers to the questions of why that people have asked me throughout my career. Somehow one of these three instincts takes control of a person’s mind and it often times leads to breaking of either a persons’ own moral code or a manmade law. These instincts relate to every human problem except one,” he paused for a moment but continued before she could ask what it was, “true mental illness from which there is no reasonable explanation of a person’s actions.”

She thought about the answers for a moment before responding, “So what you are saying is that the three natural instincts in all of us try to control our actions?”

“Yes. They can and do. Yet through the invention of civilized society forged with rules mostly founded by religion, we for the most part harness these instincts. We are all different because we have stronger amounts of the different instincts at different ages in our lives. And we are all raised in different environments that shape the instincts we are  born with. We also have different strengths or might one say quantities of one instinct at different ages. For example you might be more easily persuaded by your pleasure instinct as a teenager to do something that you find pleasurable to do rather than making a good decision to do what is necessary that you do. Remember the three basic instincts is provided by nature or God depending on your belief system and all humans are controlled by one or more of these instincts.”

She began to tremble and weep. “Why did I join his society in the first place? What the hell was I thinking? I am ruined for life.” She broke into a woeful anguished cry that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up straighter than an Army cadet.

Justin kept an even voice, “No, you are not ruined at all. You have experienced a life lesson that’s all. You will keep that lesson as an experience that you learned from.”

She looked up with big tears in her eyes, “But why did I do it in the first place? I was raised better.”

Justin said, “Please try not to let your mind stray to the past. “ He looked at his watch and said, “We can start off with that discussion at the next appointment in two weeks. Just remember your will to survive helps to keep you in the present moment and that is the best place there is in the world. But in case your mind can’t do that on its own, take the medicine I prescribed. Do you need new prescriptions for the two medicines?” He mentally thanked the wonderful scientist who had discovered the two drugs that were able to calm her mind.

“No I don’t think so, they both still have refills,” she said as she sat up and gave an awkward smile.

“You remember one is for as needed when you get anxious and the other take every evening before you go to bed.”

As they stood at the same time to go back into his main office she asked, “What does the evening drug do again?”

“It connects the synapse in your brain cells that help you stay in the present,” he said giving her the short explanation.

He opened the door from the consultation room and went to his old style beige wooden desk in his main office. The desk had been made at the turn of the twentieth century, and was fully restored and modernized with stainless steel glides that made easy access to the drawers.  He accessed his smart phone and saw he had a message to call his wife. He tried to call her back, but, she didn’t pick up. Her voice mail message did not sound urgent so he went to the door and let in his next patient. He was completely oblivious to the mistake he had just made.

This briefly explains what can happen to an individual when she acts without thinking about her Three Natural Instincts. For more information on this subject read more pages of this blog site or go to













Why everyone should learn and use the Three Natural Instincts to control their own instincts. Today the Pleasure Instinct

Equally strong in all our instincts is the Pleasure Instinct. Most of our laws and in some places customs were created and implemented by our governments and/or rulers to control our Pleasure Instinct.  Most people think that the pleasure instinct is only about the sex drive of people. We now realize that indulging your Pleasure Instinct means more than sex. It also means indulging yourself in drugs, taking too many lazy days,  over-indulging in food and generally thinking too much about pleasing yourself. Freedom allows that we have these privileges until they become too burdensome for others. Examples include females or males (like priests) that use their power to force themselves on others. Some people have had to use prayer or meditation or in some cases masturbation to bring pleasure to themselves in order to calm their minds.

All  our welfares laws were enacted to keep people either on welfare because they truly need it,or they are gaming the system. if they are gaming the system our laws were created by our Will to Survive instincts and if they our compassion from the Herding Instinct guides our laws.

Modern day humans now realize that we have to be forever vigilant of the forces of the Pleasure Instinct in all of us. For more info go to

What is the most important instinct to Republicans and to Democrats?

In general Republicans are strong in the Will to Survive Instinct, and Democrats are mostly Herding Instinct thinkers. Republicans by instinctual nature worry about higher taxes and the high cost of government programs that feed , clothe, shelter and provide good health-care to the Medicaid and Medicare clients. Democratic voters seem to be more sympathetic to the plight of poor people.  The people with a larger than average Pleasure Instinct are usually non-voters.  In the coming Age of Inclusion people will be able to understand the strong underlying emotion that is pulling them to one side or the other. With this new understanding, it will lead to compromise in money matters and eventually to the Age of Inclusion where followers will  accept that man should not be divided by race, religion, or economic class. To learn more about the coming Age of Inclusion please go to my blog site