Why everyone should learn and use the Three Natural Instincts to control their own instincts. Today the Pleasure Instinct

Equally strong in all our instincts is the Pleasure Instinct. Most of our laws and in some places customs were created and implemented by our governments and/or rulers to control our Pleasure Instinct.  Most people think that the pleasure instinct is only about the sex drive of people. We now realize that indulging your Pleasure Instinct means more than sex. It also means indulging yourself in drugs, taking too many lazy days,  over-indulging in food and generally thinking too much about pleasing yourself. Freedom allows that we have these privileges until they become too burdensome for others. Examples include females or males (like priests) that use their power to force themselves on others. Some people have had to use prayer or meditation or in some cases masturbation to bring pleasure to themselves in order to calm their minds.

All  our welfares laws were enacted to keep people either on welfare because they truly need it,or they are gaming the system. if they are gaming the system our laws were created by our Will to Survive instincts and if they our compassion from the Herding Instinct guides our laws.

Modern day humans now realize that we have to be forever vigilant of the forces of the Pleasure Instinct in all of us. For more info go to http://www.thephilosophyofinclusion.com

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