Why do we need Good Religious Leaders?

The simple answer to that question is that they are in large part responsible for the great world we have today. They are responsible for recognizing that all humans have basic instincts that need to be harnessed by rules of law. They taught the masses how to behave in public, to maintain a peaceful society, to be charitable, to be forgiving of one’s own acts of misdeeds, and to provide comfort to the people having distress in their lives. Throughout history there are many examples of good religious leaders and many misguided ones. Here is a short partial list of some of the good ones from the past and present that I know about; Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Reverend Billy Graham, Pope Francis, and Joel Ostein.

To make the list of bad religious leaders, they had to have preached intolerance of others. By this I mean speaking ill of other religions, or of not accepting differences in humans that are deemed normal by the majority of the human race, or have abused their congregations by sexual impropriety, or have preached violence on others in order to make their religion the only way to gain a place in heaven. To understand more please follow this link to my blog site and read some of the pages that I have written about the human instincts. http://www.thephilosophyofinclusion.com Please share, follow and like the site.

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