A Calm Mind versus Mental Illness

It has been my logical observation in life, that we all strive to keep that little voice in our heads from taking us back to reflect on past incidents or get us to worry about our futures for so long a period of time that we are mentally handicapped. As most of us know, that when we are in the moment only then do we accomplish the most and best of our work or pleasures. Throughout history mankind has used either religion or a leader to calm their fears and to keep us in the moment with a calm mind. In the Western world and Middle East it was taught to us by our parents to believe that a Supreme being started the world. In other places around the world they found meditation could calm their minds and bring them into the moment. But before people could write laws down, people relied on a ruler whether they be a king or queen, an emperor, or a chief to govern them. The first humans began to rely on their leader to make life and death decisions always done for the humans to keep a calm mind. It was this way for all the people in the world. Later in time humans began writing down laws to control our natural instincts. All laws were invented to create peace in our villages and to control the wild instincts that all living creatures are born with in different strengths.

It is my observation that most people need to believe in a Supreme being to help control their behavior, and to control the behavior of young people, and in order to keep a calm mind. It is most especially needed when times get tough and in the rearing of children. For instance, in times of natural disasters and when family members get sick, people like to believe that their loved ones have moved on to a better place (like heaven in the Christian world). Having knowledge that the voice in our head comes from one of the three instincts in our minds is a key to improve the actions of the people in this world. In modern times most adults have enough control over their three natural instincts to keep their actions within the boundaries of the laws of the region they live in and/or within the rules of the particular religion they follow. By understanding that we all act on what that little voice is telling us, you can unite the world by teaching people to know what instinct is influencing your mind and that is why we act the way we do. If you would like to learn more about my logical way to keep a calm mind, read more about the logic behind the three natural instincts of all humans. Go to other posts that I have on this website and please like this page and share it with others.