My goal in life is to get the people of the world to realize that we are reaching the Age of Inclusion. That is a time on Earth where people understand the driving forces of our instincts and change our actions to do more rational acts.

The Philosophy of Inclusion is an attitude that the world adopts. The theory that all human emotions spring from the three basic instincts in our brain that each give us pleasure is an important discovery. All humans have the same three instincts in their brains. That is the unifying factor for humans.

If a person is living in the moment, he can sometimes stop himself from committing law breaking actions. For instance:

If a person is asked by a leader to do something they don’t really want to do like a terrorist act, the person that accepts does it because they were pleased in the brain by the Herding Instinct. If people knew  and understood what instinct was pleasing them, they might be able to  control themselves enough to make a better decision. In this case they might think of their Will to Survive that emerges to tell the leader the offer is  Non Gratis.