What force motivates people to become terrorist?

In the deep recesses of your mind lies an instinct that I have identified as the Herding instinct. It is one of three powerful unconscious instincts that control your major decisions in life. It is the one that motivates terrorist to commit horrible acts of violence. In their minds they are joining a group forever. Their desire to be part of a group is so powerful of a driving force in these individuals that it can override logical thinking.

The other two powerful instincts are the Will to Survive and the Pleasure Instinct. For more information about this theory go to my website www.thephilosophyofinclusion.com

What is the Philosophy of Inclusion?

Simply answered. It is the thought process that concludes, since everyone is born with these same three instincts in them, they can be governed by one universal set of laws. administered by one democratic government that includes a bill of rights for all people. It will explain to the masses that following one leader of a sect to an extreme is an illogical reaction. (A true leader would never recommend you kill yourself.)  This leads me to the logical conclusion that leaders can excite groups of people to be so pleased  with being part of the group that they will commit heinous actions to be part of the group. This instinct that can override the other two is called The Herding Instinct.

The acceptance of the three natural instincts theory by the masses could lead to the Age of Inclusion where there are no more wars between nations. Unfortunately there will always be those with an out of control instinct forcing the need for us (humans) to always have militaries and police forces.
Examples of people who are out of control of their pleasure instinct; A rapist or a person on drugs that is not functioning in our society.
Examples of people who are out of control with their will to survive instinct; a con man, a thief and in some cases a murderer.
Examples of people who are out of control of their herding instinct; a terrorist bomber, a sports fan that attacks another fan.

Why were laws created to control our three natural instincts?

When we make important decisions our subconscious mind has three powerful instincts that cause us to feel good or happy in that moment. The three natural instincts can cause men and women to steal in order to placate their will to survive instinct, the pleasure instinct can cause men and women to lose control of their sex drive and rape another person, and the herding instinct can cause people to lose control of their mind and harm people of differing faiths.

Therefore we can conclude that all laws that we humans have written down and codified are meant to stop people from hurting another member of the world community.

The Philosophy of Inclusion

My reason for starting this blog is to create the Age of Inclusion. What that means is that if we could educate people all over the world to understand that we all have the same three instincts controlling our actions, then we can all have the same laws to control these actions. We could one day unite the world into one giant community.

We have to remember that the world will always need police and militaries. Why? There will always be people that cannot control one of these instincts and harm others. Some examples are sociopaths that are truly mentally incapacitated either by too strong a pleasure instinct or a distorted will to survive.

Instincts control our minds. Sometimes without our permission.

The following are examples of some laws that were written to control our natural instincts.

For an example of our Pleasure Instinct; Nearly 100% of the world’s population has the instinct to want to have sex. We have made many different types of laws to protect those that do not want to or are too young to participate in sex. Without going into further detail, suffice it to say that when the parts of the pleasure instinct control your mind you may notice it more.

An example of our Will to Survive Instinct; You vote for politicians that don’t believe in raising taxes to increase welfare benefits. Your strong survival instinct is controlling your mind to protect your nest egg from higher taxes. A mentally pleasing part of your thought processes is to be selfish.

Example Herding Instinct law; The law that allows you to be part of any group that does not harm yourself or others.

Why do instincts control our minds?

What are these three instincts?

The three instincts are;
1. The Will to Survive
2. The Pleasure Instinct
3. The Herding Instinct

Since the beginning of time many basic laws were conceived to reign in people with too large of an instinct to survive. Laws were made like thou shall not steal and thou shall not murder. In some cases people with a too strong of a will to survive instinct caused them to be greedy and steal or murder. Many more laws were and are still being made to protect less strong willed people from the harm that too strong willed people would do without these laws to stop them.

There were and are many laws made to protect people from those that are controlled by their pleasure instinct unconscious mind. There are laws that try to protect people from rapist and pedophilias, alcoholics and drug addicts, and all sorts of con artists. Those are just some of the types of laws that had to be invented to try and control people that are blindly led by their pleasure instinct.

There are laws that were made to control people with too strong a herding instinct in their unconscious mind. Laws like you cannot act violently against other people that are not of your religious belief. You cannot harm someone if he is not in your gang, or is of a different race, or even a fan of an opposing sports team. It is important to realize that this instinct is powerful in that it can cause people not to think rationally about whom and what they believe in when following an evil person or organization. Some people can be lead into some pretty damaging acts of violence or be made to follow some antiquated rules.

Why is it important to have all three instincts in your body?

All three instincts provide pleasure to your mind. In order for one to have a feeling of normalcy one should be aware of what instinct or emotion that is stimulating you most when you make a decision. It is only problematic to society when a person becomes overwhelmed with one instinct and does not use his other instincts.

The people with a stronger Will to Survive Instinct than the other instincts are usually leaders, and in modern times a strong will to survive people are the hard workers who typically earn a lot of money in order to live with a contented mind. When they become obsessed with their own Will to Survive they can and will step on others and break laws to get their way.

The people with a stronger Pleasure Instinct than the other instincts are usually people with problems. Their unconscious minds are controlled more by thoughts of doing the things that give them the most pleasure. People that have problems with drug and alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, sex addictions, welfare addiction, overeating and laziness are the people usually guided in their minds by their strongest instinct the pleasure instinct. People with a stronger pleasure instinct tend to be less successful and have problems with addiction habits.

The people with a stronger Herding Instinct like to be a part of a group. They have such a strong herding instinct that they sometimes act in negative ways. Sometimes people with too strong of the herding instinct prevents them from being open minded and unable to accept new ideas and won’t change what they believe in. Sometimes this is to the detriment of society due to the inability to compromise or change their way of thinking to allow other people to let live. They can be very successful economically or not.

God’s greatest blessing is giving humans a mind that is controlled by their instincts.

It is a fact that only in humans did God give the ability to fabricate laws and the ability to write them down. Below are just some of the kinds of laws that were created by God or if you don’t believe in God by men in order create order from a chaotic world. What I want to prove is that God gave all the animals in the animal kingdom these same three instincts but He only gave man the ability to control the strong instincts of the human mind through the written laws and by creating religions to teach these laws to the children. People with a low amount of herding instinct generally do not believe in God and do not have children.

It is people with too strong an instinct of the will to survive that laws were made by religious leaders, royalty leaders and eventually by democratic rulers to control people from stealing, murdering and being too greedy. (another example of a law to control this instinct is a law to arrest tax cheats.)

When it is the pleasure instinct that rules the mind or was too strong in some people, religious leaders royalty leaders and eventually democratic rulers made laws protecting women and children from rape and pedophilia.

People that have too strong a herding instinct are most dangerous. They can be manipulated into suicide bombers or turned into an army that tries to overthrow the government. Naturally we have made laws to protect us from people that go to extreme behavior in following their group. Once we all agree on the theory that the same three instincts are in all of us. We can build the Philosophy of Inclusion.

The Will to Survive is one of the three instincts of the human race.

Survive means;

Philosophy is the study of logical truths and principles of human behavior. This article is written with the hope that it will help create better human thought processes that lead to a more peaceful world. By understanding that human beings respond to the strongest of our natural instincts in our daily lives, we can learn to recognize that force that is in us, in order to try and control it.

Naturally occurring instincts live in people today the same way they have lived in every human being since the beginning of time. In fact it is my logical conclusion that all living entities have these three instincts. Only humans have evolved enough to harness these strong instincts through the invention of languages and later recorded laws. (Of course many species have sounds they use to communicate with one another, but the human species is the only species that has written laws as well as verbal communications that can tell us how to behave in society.) These instinctual forces of nature are controlled by different laws in different countries that were created by either the rulers of the countries, the religious institutions that make up a majority in a country, and/or by the laws created by men in various forms of governments. The recorded history of civilization proves that when logic is applied to our recorded history, one discovers that our laws were derived from the principles that were conceived by the leaders of those groups. Although it is and always will be argued that these laws were inspired by God. It is with these laws that societies keep the masses from total chaos. It is with these laws that we (the human race) have given power by rule of law to governments to keep society civilized. We use these laws to teach children purpose, guidance, focus, and in some cases we use fear in order for them to become productive members of society.  The most important point of all these laws is that we have invented them to control our natural urges (instincts), and help calm our minds by creating order in society. Mental illness is a defect in the thinking of individuals and is the biggest problem of every generation and always will be. Getting the vast majority of people to think and believe in the same vein is an almost impossible task yet it is the goal of this book. Please keep in mind that thisarticle hopes to point out how human instincts are the basis of most of our human actions.

We have to realize that these three instincts of Mother Nature (or God) that course through the minds of all of us are the same instincts in every human being in the world.  From that realization we might one day recognize that these three instincts need to be governed by the same laws in every nation. That is the way to achieve peace in the world while allowing as much freedom as possible for individuals.


Difficult changes will need to be made in many countries to allow the majority to receive all of their democratic rights. Here are just two examples of major changes some nations may need to take. Communist leaders should allow free elections.  The second is the granting of equal rights for women in Muslim countries.  Both regions had good reason to allow rulers to make laws to protect women.  Both geopolitical areas now have populations that are educated enough to make decisions by democratic rule. (We have learned that women no longer need the type of protection demanded by strict Muslim (Sharia) laws, and for that matter Orthodox Jewish laws either. Nor is there a need for other overprotective rulers in most societies of the world).

The world will have to understand that there will always be people with much too strong of a survival instinct. Some of these abnormal people will have the ability to become strong leaders that will be very skilled in communication. These leaders will be strong enough to rally groups of people to follow their thinking and to rally them to harm the majority. (One example of this success was Adolph Hitler.) Sometimes those leaders may become powerful enough to fool an entire nation or region. This means there will always be a need for a strong military. There will always be individuals who are narcissistically abnormal in other ways as well and will break criminal laws or sexual laws or civil laws. We will always need a police force to control the deviant behavior that is committed by these people who have lost control of one or more of these natural instincts.

The three natural instincts listed here are all equal in importance.

  1. The instinct to survive or as it is commonly known the will to survive (in modern times it also means the will to earning a living)
  2. The instinct to find personal pleasure (includes sex, overeating, drug use, alcohol use and laziness.)
  3. The herding instinct to be a part of a group that includes the desire to be part of a family or a religious group or social networks or a nation or a fan of a sports team. (All these groups and more satisfy our need to be part of a group.)

The three natural instincts differ in strength in all of us and rise and fall at different ages in all of us. Sexual attraction occurs in nearly one hundred per cent of humans. Many laws of nations were first created to protect women and children by controlling sexual behavior. They were conceived as all laws were created to give order to the community. These laws should always be maintained with some modern changes due to now accepted understandings of the differences in our adult likes and dislikes. As we make changes we have to be mindful of how our actions will affect the small community and the rest of the population at large. In most nations of the world we outlaw the polygamist lifestyle. Our past small village history tells us that polygamy often was a cause of acts of violence due to jealousy. It is a subject that will need to be debated today in modern society to see if the prohibition is still relevant. Some countries offer legalized prostitution. This issue should also be studied for its affects on the community before it is universally accepted. While on the other hand many countries have legalized gay marriage and accepted LGBT lifestyle choices because we are starting to understand that they are not freaks of nature but they are a common occurrence in nature and they have qualities that enhance not harm the communal society. It would be illogical to ban the LGBT from our communities.

It is the intent of this article to get people to think that since we all have the same three instincts we should all recognize the same basic laws for every nation.  It is the intent of this article to get every person in the world to understand why these instincts that live in the human race are the reasons we have laws.  Furthermore it is the intent of this article to show people that a Democracy is ultimately the best form of government for humans. It is also the intent of this article to get people to understand that their personal religious beliefs are for their own personal benefit and should not be forced on others. Whether you believe a Supreme Being gave the world these natural instincts (I do, more on that later) and then gave us the power to harness these instincts through our creation of the laws or you believe this new connected world was born totally from learning how to harness the three natural instincts of man and applying inventions from the human thought prowess to form this world society, in the end, it is your choice to make on this issue.


Daily Prompt: Survive

Why Sigmund Freud is Wrong about the Ego, Super Ego, and the Id.

According to Freud the unconscious mind is controlled by the ego that is developed by the id in infancy to satisfy our pleasure feelings. As we grow from childhood to adulthood our feelings of pleasure are satisfied by the superego.

My theory is that the human mind has three instincts that we are all born with and the strength of these instincts are either magnified by the environment we are raised up in  or they are not taught to be controlled because of the environment that we grow up in.

The three instincts; the Will to Survive, the Pleasure Instinct, and the Herding Instinct.

Throughout the history of the human race, we have made laws based on controlling or satisfying the power or strength of these instincts in people. For example, since the pleasure instinct controls sexual behavior, personal laziness, drug addiction and bad eating habits, we have made many laws to protect children from the power of the pleasure instinct that can cause adults to sexually harm children. Probably most of our laws were made to protect us from the too strong pleasure instinct in individuals. An example of a law we made to satisfy our herding instinct is the freedom to join any type of religious affiliation you may want to belong to. Our herding instinct is satisfied in many modern ways such as following your favorite sports team. A law that was made to satisfy our will to survive is thou shall not steal from another. The reason that satisfies our will to survive is that it gives one the peace of mind that what you have accumulated to sustain your life is safe.

In later blogs I will discuss more of the logic behind this theory.

First blog post

The Philosophy of Inclusion is a far fetched idea that was formed from the idea that all humans were born with the same three instincts. The idea is that all the people of the world will change their thinking to stop fighting over religious issues, money, and oil. And that the leaders of the non-democratic countries will give up their power willingly is all unrealistic. With  that said you have to start somewhere. It might as well begin with this blog. Yesterday on the CBS show 60 Minutes the Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei was featured for his artistic works, but more importantly the story highlighted his call for freedom and democracy in China. One day the Chinese communist in charge of their country will see that the people want freedom and democracy and the people can handle the responsibility of democracy.