Example of Herding Instinct

The author of this new philosophy does not hold a philosophy or psychology degree. He would like universities to study his logical conclusion; that the three instincts of the unconscious mind direct our actions. His main goal is to get people to think rationally about their actions especially suicide bombers and terrorist attackers. It is with the hope that this new philosophy will change religious zealots from committing these violent acts. It is hoped that they will understand that it is their too strong of a desire to be part of a group that allows them to think that it is OK to sacrifice their lives and harm others.* It is important to note that the author does not want to change people to give up God and their deep religious beliefs. Nor does he want to convince non-believers to change into believers of a God**. He wants the people of the world to accept the same rules of law in every nation. This could happen once we all understand that we all have the same motivational forces that direct our unconscious mind. Then we can have peace among nations.

* I cannot prove that teaching people to understand that this is a natural
instinct and part of your unconscious mind that makes you feel special and
allows you to accept notions like you will be rewarded in an afterlife for
sacrificing your life. I only think it is a logical conclusion that their mind
works that way. It is my belief that once they understand that they are
unconsciously just pleasing themselves by being part of the group, they will
stop committing violent acts in order to be part of the group.

**It is the author’s belief that there is a God that created the three