Why is it important to understand that all humans have these same three instincts that control our minds?

1. Once people from all nations recognize that we have these same three instincts in our minds, we can change the laws of all countries to offer the same protection from people that have lost control of one or more of these instincts.

2. From understanding that everyone is born with these same three instincts,

it will be easier for humans to realize we must work together to end drastic poverty, starvation and unequal treatment of genders, races and economic classes. We will be able to create a world with one very large democratic government. This will be the first step to end all wars between nations and regions.

3. With this knowledge, we can try to teach people to understand what instinctual force is driving one’s misbehavior, and help them try to change their thinking. The mind can and will be uncontrollable at times, therefore we will always need police and militaries. History has shown there will always be people for one reason or another that do not follow the rules of mankind.

4. It is important to understand that we humans cannot stop our unconscious mind from directing our actions. As stated by Reza Habib, a psychology professor at Southern Illinois University, “You can’t turn on and turn off certain activities of the brain. It’s an automatic physiological response.”

That is why we have illnesses caused by stress. That is why we have mental breakdowns. This contradiction in thinking that by understanding what instinct motivates our actions and that we can control our unconscious mind by the realization that it is from that part of the brain we make decisions. And then saying that humans cannot stop their unconscious mind from thinking and thereby controlling our actions is unachievable. But man has resolved that problem by three solutions. The solutions that we humans have developed;

1. Prayers to God by practicing religious people. This includes people of the

Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hinduism faiths.

2. Daily meditation practices of some cultures that people use to calm and try

to corral the unconscious instincts of our minds.

3. Atheist that practice the golden rule, “Do to others what you want them to do

to you.”

What are these three instincts?

The three instincts are;

1. The Will to Survive

2. The Pleasure Instinct

3. The Herding Instinct