Our first loyalty is usually to our parents and not to our community.

Think about it. Your very first instinct is either the Will to Survive (if you are born sick otherwise you develop the Will to survive instinct later in infancy) or the realization that your Mother and sometimes a Father loves you. This is the original formation of the Herding Instinct. The third instinct (The Pleasure Instinct) comes when you start eating food by sucking mama’s tit and participating in other pleasures of the flesh as is spoken of in the Bible. This includes not only eating but also the great and wonderful discovery of your penis or clitoris. This is the same development of instincts that EVERYONE in the world goes through, if you are lucky enough to be born with two parents that love you. If you are one of the minority and are not born into a loving family, it is harder for you to realize or understand that you are missing or you are at a lower level of the Herding Instinct that is essential to good mental health. It is tougher to fit into society because of this, but many manage it by attaching to another group. The people that don’t have all three instincts or lose control of one of them are the reason why we have to have militaries and police protection. It leads to mental breakdowns.

For more understanding of how we can get to the Age of Inclusion by accepting that we ALL should have the same Three Natural Instincts in us, read more of my blog pages at http://www.thephilosophyofinclusion.com