That little voice in your head that speaks to you is controlled by which ever instinct is strongest in you at that particular time in your life.

If for example you were at a political rally and all your classmates were strongly committed to the left or right. You were not raised to believe in those ideas. The reason you side with your classmates is because you have a stronger urge in your mind to be part of a group than what is truly best for you. The herding instinct wins out in that moment in time.

Another example, you are an adult married female on a business trip without your husband. Eating alone at dinner you get a lot of favorable attention from a handsome man that asks if he could join you for dinner. The brain immediately starts talking to you. It tells you thoughts that if I allow this man to sit and have dinner with me, it could lead to something to hurt my marriage. The pleasure instinct kicks in and says, but he is so good looking and you haven’t had it in awhile. Then your survival instinct kicks in and says this could result in your husband leaving you. And then where would you be without a home to return to. Thirdly your herding instinct asks but you hate eating alone. All this happens in an instant. Her ultimate decision is decided by the swift answers she has for those questions brought to her brain by the environment she was raised in.

The answers to that little voice in your mind always come from the environment we were raised in making us all different in how we behave or react to different situations.

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