What is the Age of Inclusion?

Twenty years a go if you could have imagined that you could speak to someone and see their face on the other side of the world while holding a smart phone or tablet, then you must believe that one day we will have a world that is inclusive of all races,creeds and nationalities. If you did not think that we would have developed that ability to communicate, you will not believe what I am going to say about the Age of Inclusion. Simply put it is when the vast majority of the people of the world are all educated enough to understand that to have a truly peaceful world, where there is no war among nations, we will have reached the Age of Inclusion. It sounds impossible to believe that one day that will happen, but just like the miracle of wireless internet and jet transportation one day there will be a time where all nations of the world will be united into one big Democratic Republic. Don’t worry that is not going to happen anytime too soon.

Millenials will probably see it since they are the ones who are in large part creating the closeness of the world through technology. They are also the ones who are going to be the first to adopt the knowledge that man was the first species to write down laws to control our instincts. They understood that all humans possess the same three main instincts and that it was society’s duty to keep them under control by making laws to control those instincts. Millenials will realize that they are tied to each other through the kinship of being human beings. They will throw off the shackles of being controlled by religious leaders or by strong armed dictators and lay their lives on the line to bring their countries into a Democratic Republic.

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