What will it take to make a perfect world?

There will never be a perfect world. There will always be fender benders, health issues,  minor accidents and the biggest reason of all true mental illness. But a world without wars would be a good start. How do we achieve a world without wars? The first thing we must do is accept the idea that our Herding Instinct is as strong as the other two instincts we have in our minds. Yes, think about it. We all have some of the Herding Instinct that gives our minds a safe feeling of happiness when we are with groups that think like us. Getting the people of the world to understand that they are fighting to make their ideas of what they think are the best ways to do things are not the only way to be right, and the Herding Instinct is a big reason they fight so hard.We have to explain to the world that just because you have a happy feeling from being with your group, you do not have to give your life for the group… Believe it or not that getting people to understand the strength of the Herding instinct is a good start on making a world without wars…see what the other two instincts are at my home site.