Why does The Herding Instinct demand that we have a Bill of Rights?

Since we all understand that the little voice in your head needs to be kept reasonably happy and calm, and we know that one of the strongest voices in your head is your Herding Instinct. It is a powerful tool that can be manipulated by outside forces. In times of economic distress a leader can emerge that takes the views of a larger segment of the population. He or she can gain control of the country using Democratic elections and do great harm to the minorities. A natural example would be Adolph Hitler in Germany.

The Bill of Rights our founders recognized that an unjust man or woman could one day be elected President. It is my logical thinking that the Herding Instinct allows people to join a mob that can do great harm to others that don’t believe in the same cause as you. Being part of a group is a good feeling in our brains, but be mindful of what group you join. To understand more of my Philosophy of Inclusion that explains the reason that I can make the statement that,”all law were created to control these three instincts”. Please read some other pages on my website. Be sure to like it and share it.