Why don’t people understand that Tribal Politics of the world can be fixed with this a-political solution.

First people must understand that most of our actions are the results of that little voice in your head that speaks to your brain and ultimately gets you to take action on something you are doing at the moment or something you are contemplating for the future.

Secondly people must realize that all living creatures share the same three instincts in their minds. Think about it for a second, every creature has a Will to Survive, a Pleasure Instinct and a Herding Instinct (the latter sometimes only appears in mating season). Humans are the only creatures in this world that have learned to read and write.

Lastly the differences between tribal groups is due to different interpretations of their own instincts. Since all laws were created to control the three natural instincts, different areas of the world have their own ways of creating laws that controls societies. For example, Western civilization has a far distant view of how to treat the gay lifestyle than do many other countries of the world and have made different laws accordingly.

In summary, the a-political solution is to spread the knowledge that we are all the same species with the same three instincts in us. We can compromise on laws to control our natural instincts by using logic to determine how to govern. Once we all realize that we can use that knowledge to unite the world into one big democracy with a Bill of Rights for all people. Technology is the secret to be able to do that. To read more about this new philosophy search my website for more blogs and please like this and share.


0 and a Herding Instinct although it could be argued that except for mating season there are many species with little of this of the latter instinct.